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The 3DX Format

3DX – a new format to help clubs and associations around
the world to run their own 3D event.

Key Elements
3DX Competitions will all have the same format – entrants will be asked to fly 5 Set Manoeuvres from a list of 30 produced each year, and will also have to fly a 3 minute Freestyle sequence. The change in available manoeuvres will mean that the events are annually made fresh, current and relevant to the new 3D styles as they evolve.

We expect that 3DX Events will be organised at two distinct levels, the small local event and the larger regional 3DX event.

In the case of the small event, a group of individuals, a Club, or a Local Area will be able to have their own 3DX event by using Peer-judging plus a Moderator in order to run a simple, informal competition, the Grass-roots of 3DX.

The larger or Regional 3DX Event will provide a focal point for an Area of a large landmass, or a country and will typically be organised by a team of people to provide all the organisation and infrastructure necessary. At this level, it will be possible to provide 3D Masters Judging, and probably 3D Masters pilots for demonstration flights during the event.

There is room within the scope of 3DX to have one-make or closed events.

The main aim of 3DX is to produce over the next few years an international format and standard by which 3D pilots are judged.

This year's Set Manoeuvres

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