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About 3DX

3DX is here. The biggest thing to hit 3D since 3D Masters is now open for business.

The 3DX Community Founding Principles:

  • To forward the cause of 3D flying
  • To encourage talented pilots and develop their potential
  • To make 3D competition accessible to every 3D enthusiast
  • To provide a fair and accountable Judging standard

This website is intended to give you a complete overview of the status of 3D and 3DX all over the World. As events organisers sign up to the 3DX format, they will be given access to their individual microsite, on which they will enter details of the venue, the date and the scope of their event.

As a 3D pilot, you will be able to download rules, manoeuvres and details of the event, and then fill out your Entry Form on line (a copy will be sent to you). Via this site you will be able to ask our panel of experts questions, contact other 3D pilots, make plans, organise your practice sessions and generally involve yourself in the 3DX scene. After the contest, your event organiser will post a report on the contest with photos and winners lists, and maybe even video.

You are not limited to only one 3DX event each year, you may enter as many as you are able to travel to. This means that you can improve your flying throughout the year against a constant standard – 3DX, and of course the 3DX sponsors will be watching your progress through the site with keen interest!

We will be updating the Home page with upcoming events and opportunities on a regular basis, so make sure that you register as a User (registration is free) and add to your favourites.

Jeff Barringer


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