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Fun Fly Prista

Location Rousse, Straklevo - agriculture airfield, Bulgaria
Date 18 - 20th July
Organiser Yavor Yotov
Scope We expect very young pilots, and everybody who wants to be here, together with us.

Fun Fly Prista
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Fun Fly Prista Forum


3DX Logo

Dear All,


We have just successfully completed our first ever ‘3DX’ competition here in Bulgaria.


Not only that, we also tried out a new ‘3DX Basic’ set of moves for those not quite ready for the full 3DX format. Both elements were a real success and we would like to thank Jeff Barringerfor giving us a change to take part in this great format.


Having competed in 3DX Basic we feel sure a number of those pilots will move on to the full 3DX format next year.


We would also like to thank our very kind sponsors for the event, the gifts were kindly received. They were :


TZ Heli  -
Servo-Expert  -
Sports Model Club Prista  -
VG Products  -
Aurorra  - 
RevolutionModels  -


 We would also like to spend our special thanks to Gary Rowlands for his work prior to and during the event as our chief judge.


We expect and look forward to seeing you all again next year !  


3DX Bulgaria Team 



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