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3DX Italy - South

Location Campo di Volo Loc. Panaccioni - Cassino (FR)
Date 6 - 7 sept. '08
Organiser Giuseppe Robertone
Scope We are definitely working for 3DX Italy – South 2008, 3D pilots from all over the World are invited to compete in this very exciting 3DX experience.

3DX Italy - South
Full Entrants List


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3DX Italy - South 



11th september 2008






This was the beginning of one of Queen famous song!!



Finally, here we are!!!!


Actually, I don’t exactly know from where to start, because we already have lot of new ideas for the future (off course Jeff, I really hope…), but I feel the need to show You my feelings…


Do You know which is the first bad note?


The one that we hadn’t…!!!


Our MP3, where we put all the selected songs for 3DX – Italy South didn’t work, but It must have been the start….


…close your eyes and let’s think about the wonderful moments together…


Here you

can find the Official clip of the event, but we are working to realize a very special combo in order to leave all those singular seconds together as a neverending documentary...

Everyone interested can contact me at



For the really first time, download the clip on your mobile and take these amazing moments everywhere you go!!!!!


Yeah baby!!!!!


It has been a bet for everyone, in order to give us a possibility to show that we could be able to face this challenge and for this reason the risk was very high..


Thanks a lot for having won together with me this bet, especially because the most significant result has been reached by You Pilots, starting from the beginning with the switch on of the models till the final stop of Your caller.




I have been personally very proud to know each one of you and to have shared with You these important moments, having received the support of many of you with great enthusiasm.


So, it is not so strange that I feel a little bit nostalgic, although we have been living very busy and intense days…


The air show has been enriched by a special fireworks exhibition, directed in the night between Saturday and Sunday, followed by a night fun fly and the overture of the dancing night that has involved all participants.



During the two days, more or less 1500 people has attended the air show, at the presence of 14 Italian pilots, and with the special presence of ElyQ Team Pilots Danny Szabo, Marcus Kim from Las Vegas and 3DMasters Pilot Luigi Rungi.


Check out the gallery for photos taken through out the event!


3DX Italy South has been a huge success and I would deeply like to thank:


Our judges




Click on links to see their profiles


Mr. Pasquale Rungi                                            

Mr. Massimiliano Ammendola                            

Mr. Renato Beatrice                                           

Official 3DX Judge from UK - Mr. Nigel Fraser Ker


ASCM – Cassino, Prof. Schedi Pietro for the use of the Flying field and all his hard work during the event;


Enrico Correani, Alessandro Masi, Serafino and his wife Lucia for their important help during the weekend;


Alessia Clemente Editor & Translator for International texts;


Romolo Zugarelli, Matteo Valente, Erasmo Vona, Ascanio Trivisani for Video editing and photography;


John Tanner from Model Helicopter World magazine;


Special thanks to Dr. HC Guido Bertolaso, the Head of the Department of Italian Civil Protection for the presence of the helicopter AGUSTA 139.


3DX Italy South would also like to thank our sponsors who with out them the event would not have been such a success!


Congratulation's to Maurizio Suraci on winning 3DX Italy South 2008.

Good luck Maurizio, we hope the best for you!!




After Final Five


It follows the final results of the Competition:


Thank you very much indeed for Your presence

Thank you very much Mr Jeff Barringer

Allways remember...


Fly Hard!


Giuseppe Robertone


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