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3D Championship

Location Croft Farm Waterpark
Date 19/21 Sept 08
Organiser Mike Eddington and Rob Turnbull
Scope The UK 3D Championship is open to all UK pilots. Competitors are split into two groups, Champions and Intermediates. 3 rounds of competitive flight will determine the winners, including 1 round of set

3D Championship
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First of all... WOW!!!

It's simply amazing how everything can fall nicely into place.
Just 2 weeks before the competition we had a major problem due to the intended flying field being 1 metre under water. After a frantic time trying to find an alternative field near the venue, Alan (the owner of Croft Farm) offered us the top field and allowed us to close the road into the site for safety.

Then the sun came out and stayed out all weekend!

It was a shame that we had to look into the sun in the mornings flying, but we tried to push everything back as late as we could to let the sun move across the sky - and then alternated both mornings so Intermediates and Champs both had the same issue to deal with.

The Friday fun fly was great fun with lots of flying going on, from beginners all the way up to the top, along with the odd main gear stripping (including mine ) - congratulations to Jamez for winning the inaugural TIT (Tail In Trophy), which is awarded for a best effort flight - you're coming on in leaps and bounds mate!!

Saturday saw the competition get underway with Intermediates followed by Champions getting the Set Manouevres round completed before moving on to the Freestyle round for the Intermediates, followed by the Set Flight To Music for the Champions.

Edders got mobbed on the flightline shortly after mentioning he had 100 free drink tickets sponsored by Aurorra for use at the bar. I was shocked at how popular that was...

The night flying competition on Saturday night had 22 pilots competing (I think!), and probably the best heli commentary I've ever heard with Roger on top form getting the very best out of the pilots. One or two heli's didn't make it back to the pits in the condition they went out in, but Jamie (Fast Lad) definietly got the lowest exit from a tail slide (under ground) - oops!

Somehow, Ade Law managed to talk me into doing my first ever blade stop auto - at night - and bloody hell it worked!!! I placed 3rd in the night comp and I'm chuffed to bits about that!! (Thanks Ade )

I think it was Stu Smith that went out again for a bit of fun with his 450 to do a blade stop auto (nutter!) and pulled it off, before the heli tipped inverted, blade stopped again and planted itself Awesome!!

Sunday saw the Champions fly their Freestyle round, followed by the Intermediates Set Flight To Music, after which the scores were totalled for the final time to see who had made the top 5 in each group for the fly-offs.

While Nigel Revill and Paul Lison worked on the scores (awesome job guys, thanks again!) we drew the raffle which contained some awesome prizes from all of our excellent sponsors. One of the online ticket sales won the Trex700 kit, so Mike made a phone call and of course, got the answerphone! The crowd gave a cheer for the message that was left - a nice suprise, we hope!

The fly-offs were Set Manoeuvres and Freestyle rounds only with the Set Flight To Music score being carried over from the previous round.

The flying over the weekend was excellent and a few of us had some bad luck (myself included) with our models shedding mufflers etc. Ho hum, there's always next year

I am thoroughly nackered but it's really worth it - I love this event and how it brings all of us out to enjoy a great weekend of flying. It's great to catch up with everyone you know and to meet new people you only know on the forum.

Congratulations to Steven Gerrard for winning the Champions group and to Brian Nicholas (Barney) for winning the Intermediates group, both with some outstanding flying! We hope to see both of you back next year for more of the same!!

Congratulations also to all of the rest of the pilots who took part and really made this event fantastic. So many friends all flying brilliantly just made an unforgettable weekend for me. Oh, that and a hug and kiss from Mrs Leebert - don't tell Leebert!!

I can't wait to do it all again next year!

Special thanks to Mike for roping me into this mad idea of his! Also to Jamez, Mark, Pete (and parents!!), Steve, Katie, Andy and Colsy for outstanding help throughout the weekend - we can't do it without you!

Thanks also to Paul Lison and Nigel Revill for running the scoring system so proficiently and to Nigel Fraser ker, Jon Fox, Russ Deakin, Simon Brown and Jeremy Morcom for an excellent job of the judging!

Thanks to David Drew for suggesting the venue and helping to make it go ahead - very much appreciated David!

Thanks to the guys from Lance who videoed the whole weekend, including the night flying - I think everyone's looking forward to seeing the videos!

Finally, thanks to the pilots, sponsors and spectators, without whom there would be me and Mike stood in a field on our own wondering what went wrong

Absolutely brilliant!


 With Just days to go its all comming together with loads of trade stands and pilots its going to be a cracking weekend


See you there



Mike and Rob




The Championship raffle is going to be massive

so far we have 5 Heli kits (JR vibe 50, trex 700n pro, 2 x 600n pro and a trex 500)

night flying gear
Scale shell (raptor 60/90)
Transmitter trays
and more to come.....


We've added the ability to purchase tickets for the 3D Championship 2008 raffle online.

Please see the "Raffle tickets" page @ for details (and to buy some tickets!)

Tickets purchased online cost 1.50 each - we chose to do this to try and encourage people to attend the event and buy tickets at the standard price of 1 each. The little extra also helps cover payment processing costs.

Raffle prize details will be added to the page on an ongoing basis. It's going to be a huge raffle with many fantastic prizes!

Buy plenty and good luck to everyone!



UK 3D Championship 2008 has 38 of the best UK pilots competing over two days. One of the three rounds is a compulsory music round to add to the excitement. There will be demo flights from heli manufacturers throughout the weekend and a spectacular night flying competition on Saturday night. There is also a fun fly being held on Friday along with the inaugural Tail in Trophy a fun competition for beginners.


The onsite camping facilities are excellent along with ample parking, clubhouse and bar and a gym!

We have the biggest RC heli raffle in the UK with four helicopter kits included among many other great prizes. There will also be an onsite bar and food van on the flying site along with a large selection of trade stands.


At only 2 entry per person, its a fantastic weekend not to be missed!



We're very happy to announce that we have now filled all competitor spaces and reserve competitor spaces for this years competition.

I'm really sorry to everyone that left it too late to get in, but we only have a limited amount of time over a weekend to get all the flights in which is the deciding factor on the number of competitors.

Thanks to everyone who has entered - and good luck!


Having had entry to our 2008 competition open for a couple of days over 5 weeks - we're extrememly happy to announce that, subject to all pilot payments coming through, we have filled all 35 competitor spaces already!!!

It's simply amazing and we'd like to thank everyone for their fantastic support of our event.

We are still hoping to take on 3 or possibly 4 "spare" competitor pilots to cover potential drop outs, as things can happen and people suddenly cannot make it, or whatever - so we would like to have some backup for such eventualities.

Anyone who registers as a "spare" competitor that doesn't get to compete will receive a full refund! We don't like people to be out of pocket!


Well where three weeks in and already were nearly half way there with competitors so dont delay and miss out 


3D Championship 2008 will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2008 with a fun-fly on Friday 19th for everyone to come along and fly or watch.

There will also be a night flying competition held on the Saturday night so get out your glow rope and night blades and get practicing!

If you would like to enter  then submit your entry via the online entry form(available at You can still download a form to print out, fill in manually and mail back to us (coming soon), but online entry would be preferable to cut down on our workload.

The cost per competitor is still only 25.

There is an entrance fee of just 2 per adult this year - children come in free when accompanied by a paying adult!

The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark in the River Avon valley. It has some excellent facilities for the whole family, including watersports, a fitness centre with gym, sauna and sunbeds, a licensed clubhouse (a bar!) and walking/sight seeing in the surrounding area of Tewkesbury. Plenty more details on their website - bring your family and make a weekend of it!

The facilities also include toilet and shower blocks (free to use) along with electric hookups for those needing them.

Camping and caravan charges are available on the Croft farm Waterparks website 

We have also arranged for cooked breakfasts to be available from 8AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings.



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