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3DX Italy

Location Campo di Volo Loc. Panaccioni - Cassino (FR)
Date Sep. 24-25 2011
Organiser Guiseppe Robertone
Scope We are definitely working on 3DX Italy - I3DFC 2011, 3D pilots from all over the World are invited to compete in 3DX, the world format of 3D Masters.

3DX Italy
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               3DX Italy

                                                         International 3D Flight Championship




27th September 2010


Close your eyes and pump up the volume with the notes of this following song...



Here we are!!!!


Another great event took place in Cassino for the forth Edition of 3DX Italy I3DFC 2011!!!


Thanks a lot for having decided to compete and stay with us, especially because the most significant result has been reached by you, winning the most difficult test of our life:



I have been personally very proud to know each one of you and to have shared with you these important moments, having received the support of many of you with great enthusiasm.


Also this year, Pilots competed in the exciting MIDAIR TRIATHLON Show won by the youngest 12 years old Pilot Mirko Cesena (who did 2 blades stop and go!!! in the same autorotation) followed by Luca Pescante also declared Best supporting actor ... :-)


All these spectacular competition has been enriched by the II Edition of SAB Trophy 2011 won by Mirko Cesena too and all together, have been the frame of these fantastic days ended with special fireworks exhibition, followed by a night fun fly.




During the two days, more people has attended the air show, at the presence of 22 National pilots, plus 1 International Pilot - Mr Sebastian Duus from Denmark - and with the special presence of the following Teams: (alphabetical order)

BizModel, ElyQ, Flighttech Italia, FlyModel Components, Hely-Models Mascalucia (CT), HobbyQueen Italia, Innovation RC, Mikado, Models Tech Italia, SAB.


Our Italian Master Pilots Mr. Luigi Rungi has astonished all of us with his demonstration flights, offered by Principal Sponsor Jonathan, Rapicon Fuel and SAB Compositi.


Take a look here:



Check out the gallery for photos taken through out the event!

(Mr. Michele Ardito and his friends, came to 3DX, is working on the official documentary  around Leonardo Da Vinci's travels)


and more will follow...



3DX Italy - I3DFC 2011 has been a huge success and I would deeply like to thank:


Our judges


Mr. Renato Beatrice - IT

Mr. Massimiliano Ammendola - IT

Mr. Pasquale Rungi - IT

Mr. Nigel Fraser Ker - UK (Official 3DMasters Judge)



hope they really enjoyed...


ASD Modellismo Cassino, Prof. Schedi Pietro for the use of the Flying field and all his hard work during the event  



Special thanks to all my friends:


Enrico Maria Correani, Daniele Cavallo and Graziano Di Fonzo for their important help during the weekend.


First Worldwide presence of  RED BULL Energy Drink and staff on field in RC Heli Contest.


3DX Italy I3DFC 2011 would also like to deeply thanks our Sponsors who without them the event would not have been such a success!


Congratulation's to Stefano Cattaneo  (Intermediate class winner) and Luca Pescante (Advanced class winner).


Good luck guys, wish the best for you!!




It follows the final results of the competition:




127 Stefano Cattaneo

123 Mirko Malisan

115 Luca Righetti

103 Luigi Della Guardia

108 Enrico Caponera

118 Marco Ferlito

113 Luca Brunetti

104 Dario Arienzo

111 Giuseppe Carusio

106 Felice Guerrera

117 Marcello Fontanella

112 Giuseppe Forte

116 Luigi Titola




114 Luca Pescante

120 Massimo Rubinelli

105 Diego Macchiarini

122 Mirco Cesena

101 Angelo Salzano

130 Sebastian Duus

119 Matteo Corazzini

109 Giampaolo Vitale

102 Simone Bianchini Baglini







Thank you very much indeed for Your presence


Thank you very much Mr Jeff Barringer


Scratch your blades!


Giuseppe Robertone



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