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3DX Ireland

Location Carron MFC Co. Tipperary
Date May30th-June1st
Organiser PJ Harte, Philip Hughes, Sylvester Lenihan & David Nolan
Scope 3DX Ireland is a 3D Heli competition which follows the same format as 3D Masters. The Purpose is to give 3D pilots a base on which to compete and an incentive to improve their 3D flyin www.3dxireland.

3DX Ireland
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Hi Guys,

With only 30 days to go to the biggest ever 3D Helicopter Event in Ireland, We have 12 competitors for ages 14 yrs to 40 yrs willing to compete in 3DX Ireland; itís going to be fun.

Iím proud to announce our judging panel

Chris Walton, Daniel Jetsin, Steven Gerrard, Lukas Riva, & Duncan Osbourn

Not only do we have an incredible Judging panel but some of the best pilots in the world attending 3DX Ireland.

Iíd like to take this opportunity to thank all our Sponsors for there kind support as this event could not happen without them.

We will have a full list of Competitors shortly.

More info soon.


Hi Guys,
We are pleased to announce that all competition entries have been filled.

I've been on the look out for accommodation and Its not as plentiful as I had thought because of the bank holiday weekend, I have however secured a number of lodges so If your interested in taking one please get in contact with me as they are limited.



Hi Guys

Preparation has begun for 3DX Ireland 2008, we are hoping to attract numerous pilots from all over Ireland to compete In 3DX the world format of 3D Masters.This year Entrants must choose 5 manoeuvres from the list of 30 manoeuvres , there Is no limit to your K factor.

3DX Ireland will take place In Carron MFC Co.Tipperary on the 30th,31st May & 1st June.

Entry forms are now available

Closing date 31st March 2008.

Pilots from the Island of Ireland only need enter.

If you have any Input or questions please feel free to email us or post on the 3DX fourms.

More Info soon


A big thanks to all our sponsors

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Beam Heli:  
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