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3DX Sweden

Location Soderhamn/Mohed
Date 9-10 august
Organiser Andreas Johnsson
Scope More info to come...

3DX Sweden
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The Swedish 3DX competition was a great success with 14 competitors, 7 newcomers and 7 in the 3DX class. The weather conditions were excellent, sunny and moderate wind. The flying skill has increased enormously since last year. We used the 3DX way of peer-judging where the pilots judged each other. It worked very well.

Niklas Waller served as “head judge” together with five pilots during each flight.

The lowest and highest score were left out. There is a movie of every flight to be seen on this address:


These are the final results from Sweden 3DX 2008:

1. Kristoffer Carlqvist     640

2. Andreas Jonsson          537

3. Anders Näverlind         535,5

4. Alexander Bagrov         531

5. Oscar Ohlson             500,5

6. Peter Wik                361

7. Fredrik Melin            339


Report submitted by Bengt Waller


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