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Pilots List for 3DX Training Day

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Trevor Burley Picture of Trevor Burley Ashley DavisAlign T-Rex 600Zpower Z50 780kvFutaba 12FG FASST 2.4Align UK, Aurorra, Align Corp, CSM, Heli-Lessons
Ade Law Picture of Ade Law
Ashley Davis Picture of Ashley Davis Trevor BurleyAlign 600EZ-Power Z50Spektrum DX7CSM
Mike Eddington Picture of Mike Eddington Align 600n/500eOS 50 HyperSpektrum DX7Real Raptors
Jamie Privett Picture of Jamie Privett
Charlie Cave Picture of Charlie Cave
Graeme Ousby Picture of Graeme Ousby
Paul Privett Picture of Paul Privett
George Batchelor Picture of George Batchelor
Mike Freeman Picture of Mike Freeman
R Truscott Picture of R Truscott
Paddy Arnould Picture of Paddy Arnould
Colin Buckley Picture of Colin Buckley

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