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Pilots List for Fun Fly Prista

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Marian Mateev Picture of Marian Mateev Javor JotovALIGN T-REX 500ALIGN 500LSpektrum DX7
Zivko Todorov Picture of Zivko Todorov Lubomir GoychevALIGN T-REX 450ALIGN Futaba 14MZVG Products
Ventcislav Kolev Picture of Ventcislav Kolev Nikolay PetkovALIGN T-REX 600ALIGN 600 XLFutaba 9C
Nicolay Petkov Picture of Nicolay Petkov Ventcislav KolevALIGN T-REX 600NEW 1515FUTABA 14MZPOLI 2000
Javor Jotov Picture of Javor Jotov Marian MateevJS Model TZ Shark 90O.S. 91SX-HFutaba 10 CServo - Expert
Dragomir Draganov Picture of Dragomir Draganov Marian MateevALIGN T-REX 600NO.S. 50 HJR 9303 DSM2DXS
Stanislav Janev Picture of Stanislav Janev ALIGN T-REX 500ALIGN FUTABA 9 CHP
Bojan Shishkov Picture of Bojan Shishkov Lubomir GoychevALIGN T-REX 600NEW 1515JR 9303
Ivan Kunev Picture of Ivan Kunev Stanislav YanevALIGN T-REX 600NALIGN 50 HFutaba 12 FGH
Ivaylo Ivanov Picture of Ivaylo Ivanov Dimitar IlievALIGN T-REX 600 MedusaFutaba 9 CHP

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