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Pilots List for 3DX Open Moscow

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Alexey Matveev Picture of Alexey Matveev Alexey ZhukovAlign T-Rex 450HiVolt ver.1Spektrum DX7
Ilya Volkov Picture of Ilya Volkov Alexandra ValiavskayaAlign T-Rex 450 V2 Futaba 9S
Oleg Barskiy Picture of Oleg Barskiy Oxana BarskayaE-sky Belt-CPE-sky EK5-0006Hitec Eclipse7 QPCM
Alexey Zhukov Picture of Alexey Zhukov Alexey BorzyikhAlign T-Rex 600Neu Motors JR
Azat Sharipov Picture of Azat Sharipov Mikhail SintsovAlign T-Rex 600Z-power Z50AFutaba T9CPS
Mikhail Scherbak Picture of Mikhail Scherbak Dmitry TitovAlign T-Rex 600Align 600LJR 9XII
Alexandr Tsekhanovich Picture of Alexandr Tsekhanovich Anatoliy SmirnovThunder Tiger Raptor 50 OS 50-HiperEclipse 7
Anatoly Smirnov Picture of Anatoly Smirnov Alexander TsekhanovichThunder Tiger Raptor 30 OS MAX 37Futaba 7C
Alexey Kazantsev Picture of Alexey Kazantsev Alexandr SorokinThunder Tiger Raptor 90OS Engines OS Max 50Futaba 12 FG
Dmitry Titov Picture of Dmitry Titov Mikhail ScherbakAlign T-Rex 450HiVolt ver.1Futaba T9CP
Andrey Kishenko Picture of Andrey Kishenko Ilya Sidorov Hawk PRO 30 Toki 40Hitec Eclipse
Andrey Pruitys Picture of Andrey Pruitys Sergey PruitysAlign T-Rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS50SX-H(R) HyperJR X9II
Dmitry Dyibovskiy Picture of Dmitry Dyibovskiy Artyom MoskalikAlign T-Rex 450SE V2 3750KVJR 9Х PCM
Yuri Timofeev Picture of Yuri Timofeev Dmitry EremyanovAlign Trex 600 NitroOS Engines OC50Spektrum DX7
Dmitry Kuleshov Picture of Dmitry Kuleshov Align T-Rex-450 Sanwa RD8000Pilotage
Alexandr Petrov Picture of Alexandr Petrov Evgeniy NikitinThunder Tiger Raptor 90 YS90Futaba 9
Gennady Bakushin Picture of Gennady Bakushin Valeriy DmitrievAlign T-Rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS50JR DSX9 2.4 GHz
Alexey Borzyikh Picture of Alexey Borzyikh Alexey ZhukovAlign T-rex 600 NitroThunderTiger TT-Redline - 0.53JR X9303 -
Alexey Bocharov Picture of Alexey Bocharov Nikolay GoncharovAlign T-rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS Max 50H
Elena Sibiryakova Picture of Elena Sibiryakova Dmitriy Kuleshov T-Rex-450(HDX-450) JR MAX66 ADTPilotage
Ilya Tolkov Picture of Ilya Tolkov Ilya SaharovThunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan OS MAXFutaba 7CHP
Vitaly Sibiryakov Picture of Vitaly Sibiryakov Evgeniy SibiryakovThunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan TT-50HJR 9XIIPilotage
Evgeny Sibiryakov Picture of Evgeny Sibiryakov Vitaliy SibiryakovAlign T-Rex 450 JR X2720Pilotage
Artyom Kozlov Picture of Artyom Kozlov Alexandr GuselnikovThinderTiger Raptor 90 3DOS Engines OS 91Futaba 9CAerohobby
Alexey Belen'kiy Picture of Alexey Belen'kiy Nikolay GoncharovAlign T-Rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS 50 HiperFutaba T12Z
Nikolay Goncharov Picture of Nikolay Goncharov Timofey GoncharovCarbonExtreme AVANT 90Yamada ST91Spektrum dx7CapitalHobbies, MDS, Pilotage
Timofey Goncharov Picture of Timofey Goncharov Nikolay GoncharovMA X-Cell FuryOS Engines OS91SZSpektrum DX7Capitalhobbies, MDS, Pilotage
Nikolay Gorkavenko Picture of Nikolay Gorkavenko Michail ScherbakHirobo Evo 50 JR
Denis Gryizunov Picture of Denis Gryizunov Dmitriy MeliukhanovAlign T-Rex 600Nitro PRO
Valeriy Dmitriev Picture of Valeriy Dmitriev Gennadiy BakushinAlign T-Rex600 Nitro JR 40
Dmitry Eremyanov Picture of Dmitry Eremyanov Yuri TimofeevAlign T-Rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS50 HiperJR JR9X-II
Igor Zafievskiy Picture of Igor Zafievskiy Align T-Rex 600Neu Motors 1515/2.5D/HFutaba 9CS
Sergey Kachalov Picture of Sergey Kachalov Thinder Tider Raptor-90OS Engines JR DSX-9
Sergey Kendyish Picture of Sergey Kendyish Align T-Rex 500Align 500LFutaba 12
Nikolay Kochkin Picture of Nikolay Kochkin ARC X-400 Scorpion 2221-8 v1JR 9XII
Dmitry Melyukhanov Picture of Dmitry Melyukhanov Yuri MelyukhanovJR Vibe 90OS Engines OS91JR JR9Planeta Hobby
Andrey Mikulov Picture of Andrey Mikulov Dmitry Eremyanov HDX/Trex 450 V2Medusa Motors JR X9303
Ivan Miheev Picture of Ivan Miheev Valeriy SevastyanovAlign Trex 600 NitroOS Engines OS 50JR X9303rcRotor
Dmitry Morozov Picture of Dmitry Morozov Mihail Koltsov Revolution 90 YS90Futaba 12ZMDS
Alexey Nezdayminov Picture of Alexey Nezdayminov Alexandr SergienkoAlign T-Rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS Max 50 HyperSpectrum
Evgeniy Nikitin Picture of Evgeniy Nikitin Alexandr PetrovGaui Hurricane 550Align 600LSpectrum DX7
Sergey Nugaev Picture of Sergey Nugaev Shitov AlexeyAlign T-rex 600 NitroOS Engines OS-50Spectrum DX7
Vasiliy Pavlov Picture of Vasiliy Pavlov Alexey Babkin AVANT 90 Futaba
Alexey Pervov Picture of Alexey Pervov Alexey BabkinCarbonExtreme AVANT 90 YS91Futaba 9
Andrey Savchuk Picture of Andrey Savchuk Nikolay GoncharovAlign T-Rex 600 Nitro RL53JR 9X
Alexandr Sergienko Picture of Alexandr Sergienko S. FuodorovAlign T-Rex600N, 3DX-450 OS-50 SX-HyperSpektrum DX-7
Andrey Tavolzhanskiy Picture of Andrey Tavolzhanskiy Alexey MironovAlign Trex450 Align 3550KVSpektrum DX7
Alexey Shevchenko Picture of Alexey Shevchenko Sergey ShevchenkoAlign T-Rex 600N ProOS 50SX-H RingedJR PCM 9XII
Mikhail Yunin Picture of Mikhail Yunin Alexey BocharovAlign T-Rex 600 JR DX7Micromachine
Alexey Shitov Picture of Alexey Shitov Sergey NugaevThunder Tiger Raptor 90 3D YS91STJR 9X2

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