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Pilots List for 3DX Italy - North

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Alex Abd el Rahman Picture of Alex Abd el Rahman T-Rex 600 Nitro OS 91 Futaba T9CHP
Giordano Rigamonti Picture of Giordano Rigamonti T-Rex 600 Nitro TT53rl Futaba T9Z
Michele Gruppioni Picture of Michele Gruppioni X-cell Stratus OS 91 Futaba T12 MZ
Luca Invernizzi Picture of Luca Invernizzi Xperience 90 OS 91 JR 9303
Maurizio Suraci Picture of Maurizio Suraci T-Rex 600 Nitro OS 91 JR 9303
Federico Davite Picture of Federico Davite T-Rex 600 CF BL600XL Futaba T9CHP
Massimo Rubinelli Picture of Massimo Rubinelli Vision 50 OS 50SX-H Spektrum DX7
Sebastiano Gabutti Picture of Sebastiano Gabutti Logo 500 3D Futaba T14 MZ
Dario Neuenschwander Picture of Dario Neuenschwander T-Rex 600 Nitro Align Hyper 50 Spektrum DX7

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