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Pilots List for 3DX Italy

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Luigi Rungi Picture of Luigi Rungi Pasquale RungiAlign / MSHeli Trex700 Protos500YS Novarossi 91SRFutaba T12ZMSHeli, Flighttech Italia, SAB
Michele Gruppioni Picture of Michele Gruppioni Ben ZhouAlign Trex 700OS Engines 91 SZHFutaba T12ZFlighttech Italia Optifuel Gaui
Angelo Salzano Picture of Angelo Salzano Marcello FontanellaELYQ Vision 50OS Engines Hyper 50Futaba T14MZElyQ SAB Jonathan Flighttech Rapicon
Luca Brizzi Picture of Luca Brizzi Michele GruppioniAlign Trex 700 FLYamada 91 SRSpektrum DX7 SEFlighttech
Michele Malagoli Picture of Michele  Malagoli Marco PicioccoloAlign Trex 700OS Engines 91 SZSpektrum DX7
Giampaolo Vitale Picture of Giampaolo Vitale Angelo MarchettiRJX Xtreme 90YS 91 SRFutaba T12MZRJX Italia ModelsTech
Ezio Simoni Picture of Ezio Simoni Massimo RubinelliRJX Xtreme 90OS Engines OS 91HZ-PS JR 12XRJX Italia - Optifuel
Simone Bianchini Picture of Simone Bianchini Luca BrizziAlign Trex 700Align 91Futaba T10
Massimo Rubinelli Picture of Massimo Rubinelli Pasquale MatroneAlign Trex 700N PROOS Engines 91HZ-PSSpektrum DX7ELYQ, SAB, RAPICON
Jozsef Mojzes Picture of Jozsef Mojzes Viktor FarkasAlign Trex 700Novarossi 91HR 3DJR 12XModellhungaria - - Novarossi
Diego Macchiarini Picture of Diego  Macchiarini Stefano MarianiAlign Trex 700OS Engines 91HZ-PSFutaba 7CFlittech Italia Optifuel Gaui
Antonio Strippoli Picture of Antonio Strippoli Simone BianchiniAlign Trex 700N PROOS Engines 91HZ-PSFutaba T14
Marco Favaretto Picture of Marco Favaretto Michele GruppioniAlign Trex 700Rossi 91Spektrum DX7MCBusiness, Protronik, Elyq
Alex Abd el Rahman Picture of Alex Abd el Rahman Alla el Din Abd El RahmanAlign Trex 700OS Engines 91Futaba T12BIZ MODEL

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