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Pilots List for UK 3D Cup - 3DX

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
stefan simmons Picture of stefan simmons craig simmonsthunder tiger raptor 90 3dos 91 hz psspektrum dx7CSM, FLIGHTPOWER, BLACKCOUNTRYMODELS
craig simmons Picture of craig simmons stefan simmonsthunder tiger raptor 90os hz psspektrum dx7blackcountrymodels
dave fisher Picture of dave fisher julie fisherBlitz os 91hz optifuel/csm products/ nhp
james moon Picture of james moon mark lanetz tz90os91 spectrum concept copters
shaun hillbrook Picture of shaun hillbrook dave hillbrookalign trex 700ys 91SR/SB19JR DSX9concept copters
stuart smith Picture of stuart smith adrian smithEly Q Competition 90os 91 hz psSpecktrum DX7 seHobby Hangar / Ely Q / Optifuel
shane marshall Picture of shane marshall dave marshallalign trex 700os 91 pumpspectrum dx7csm/optifuel/ TB toys and models
alex hassel Picture of alex hassel elyq competiton 50thunder tiger rl 53
MATT GILL Picture of MATT GILL align trex 700ys 91 srSpecktrum DX7 seoptifuel / fast lads
Adam Turner Picture of Adam Turner kasama srimok 90 / eos 91 hzSpektrum DX7 seCSM / V BLADES / SPEKTRUM
Grant Cooper Picture of Grant Cooper Kenny align trex 700 Robo Challenge/ Innovation RC
Duncan Osbourn Picture of Duncan Osbourn wayne osbournAlign T-rex 600/700os 91 hzjr dsx9Align , OS , CSM
Shay Kavanagh Picture of Shay Kavanagh Align T-rex 700 LEOs 91 SZHSpecktrum DX7Align UK, Evo RC, Flightpower

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