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Pilots List for 3DX Russia

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Konstantin Martynyuk Picture of Konstantin Martynyuk Lyubimtsev YaroslavATOM ATOM 500 Hyperion HS3026-08 Hyperion HS3026-08Futaba Futaba
Dmitriy Grudetskiy Picture of Dmitriy Grudetskiy Align T-rex700(90) Os 91 Futaba
Aleksey Bocharov Picture of Aleksey Bocharov Align Engine Futaba Futaba
Dmitriy Meluchanov Picture of Dmitriy Meluchanov Meluchanov YuriyAlign T-rex700(90) Yamada Ys-91 Futaba Futaba 10
Aleksey Nezdayminov Picture of Aleksey Nezdayminov Thunder Tiger 600(50) Thunder Tiger Red Line H53 Hitec Hitec Aurora 9 Planeta Hobby
Evgeniy Dyakov Picture of Evgeniy Dyakov Elena DyakovaAvant Avant Aurora NitroYamada YS 90SRS JR JR DSX9
Nikolay Goncharov Picture of Nikolay Goncharov Timofey GoncharovKASAMA Srimok 90Scorpion Scorpion 4525Futaba Futaba
Oleg Murinsky Picture of Oleg Murinsky Oleg ShirinMiniature Aircraft Furion 6Scorpion ScorpionJR JR DSX9 TS Team
Sergey Nugaev Picture of Sergey Nugaev Leonid VolkovMA XCell MA XCell Stratus OS OS-90 Spektrum Spektrum
Roman Baev Picture of Roman Baev Align T-rex700(90) OS 90Futaba 8
Yaroslav Lubimov Picture of Yaroslav Lubimov Konstantin MartynyukKASAMA Srimok 90EScorpion Futaba 10
Andrew Baratynsky Picture of Andrew Baratynsky Evgeniy DyakovAlign T-rex700(90) Yamada 91 SRSpektrum DX8
Denis Mosolov Picture of Denis Mosolov Sergey MosolovCompas Electro JR
Dmitriy Sidorov Picture of Dmitriy Sidorov Mikado 500Hacker A40-10LJR 12
Dmitriy Leschenko Picture of Dmitriy Leschenko Align T-rex700(90) Align 91Futaba 10CHP INDELAUAV.COM
Evgeniy Ryabov Picture of Evgeniy Ryabov Igor HrustalevPerun-Helicopters 550Scorpion HK-4025 1100KVFutaba 12FGH
Artem Kozlov Picture of Artem Kozlov Egor KozlovAlign T-rex700EScorpion 5020-520Futaba
Gennadiy Anykanov Picture of Gennadiy Anykanov Dmitriy AnykanovOutrage 550Scorpion 4020-1390JR
Leonid Volkov Picture of Leonid Volkov Olga VolkovaKASAMA 90Yamada 91JR

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