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Pilots List for 3DX Italy

Pilot Picture Caller Model Engine Radio Sponsors
Angelo Salzano Picture of Angelo Salzano Marcello FontanellaElyQ V90c - V90eYamada - Scorpion YS91 - 4035Futaba T8FGElyQ –Jonathan Rapicon - SAB - Prismalia
Luigi Vergara Picture of Luigi Vergara
Luigi Della Guardia Picture of Luigi Della Guardia Align - Gaui Trex 700N - X5 OS - Scorpion 91HZ - 910kvSpektrum DX7RC-Model
Dario Arienzo Picture of Dario Arienzo Giuseppe Annunziata Align T-Rex 700E FBLScorpion HK-4035-560Spektrum DX8ModelsTech
Diego Macchiarini Picture of Diego Macchiarini Andrea PuosiOutrage Velocity 90YAMADA 91SRSFutaba 8CLinks Innovations
Felice Guerrera Picture of Felice Guerrera Marcello FontanellaAlign Trex 700NOS Engines 91
Francesco Zivillica Picture of Francesco Zivillica Align TRex 550E FBL Futaba T8FGHely-Models
Enrico Caponera Picture of Enrico Caponera Massimiliano LudoviciGaui - Thund Tiger X5 FES - 600Scorpion Futaba T10CFlighttec Italia
Giampaolo Vitale Picture of Giampaolo Vitale Giuseppe D\'AngeloCompass 6HVCompass Futaba T8FGCompass - Rjx Italia - Turnigy Italia
Gianni Costantini Picture of Gianni Costantini Silverio CeccarelliElyQ Vision 50cOS Engines 55Spektrum DX7
Giuseppe Carusio Picture of Giuseppe Carusio Giampolo VitaleCompass 3D PlusYamada 56Futaba T12FGRJX Italia
Giuseppe Forte Picture of Giuseppe Forte Fabio GalloElyQ Vision90cYamada 3DS91 SRS Futaba T8FGElyQ
Luca Brunetti Picture of Luca Brunetti Andrea PuosiOutrage - Gaui Fusion 50 - X5Scorpion HK4025-50/4020-910Spektrum DX8Innovation RC
Luca Pescante Picture of Luca Pescante Teodoro PescanteKds Innova 700ESavox 430kvFutaba T7BizModel - Sab
Luca Righetti Picture of Luca Righetti Marcello ZappaterraMikado Logo 600Scorpion Kontronik Futaba T8FG
Luigi Titola Picture of Luigi Titola Marco FerlitoAlign Trex 700OS Engines 91 - 55Spektrum DX8Hely-Models
Marcello Fontanella Picture of Marcello Fontanella Angelo SalzanoElyQ Vision50cOS Engines 55Futaba T8FGNew Auto & Co.
Marco Ferlito Picture of Marco Ferlito Giovanni FerlitoAlign Trex 700eAlign Futaba 7CPFe.Bo. Soft Soluzione informatiche
Matteo Corazzini Picture of Matteo Corazzini ElyQ - Gaui V90c - X5Yamada YS91SR3CJR Propo DSX9Flighttec Italia - Gaui - TopFuel - Sab
Massimo Rubinelli Picture of Massimo Rubinelli Pasquale MatroneAlign Trex 700NOS Engines 91 HZSPEKTRUM DX7BizModel - Sab
Michele Gruppioni Picture of Michele Gruppioni Roberto ZeccardiGaui X5Scorpion Futaba T12ZFlighttech Italia - Gaui - Scorpion
Mirko Cesena Picture of Mirko Cesena Marco CesenaMikado Logo 600 3DHyperion 4035Futaba Mikado, FlyModelComponents, Hyperion Italia
Mirko Malisan Picture of Mirko Malisan Mikado Logo 600Kontronik Pyro 700-52Futaba T8FGFlightTech Italia
Pasquale Matrone Picture of Pasquale Matrone Ezio SimoniOutrage Fusion 50 Spektrum DX7
Simone Apostolo Picture of Simone Apostolo Mauro ApostoloMikado - Outrage Logo 600 - F50Scorpion HK4225 LEFutaba T8FGEmmemodel
Simone Bianchini Baglini Picture of Simone Bianchini Baglini Enrico CaponeraMikado - Gaui Logo 600 - X5Scorpion Futaba - JR T10C - 11ZeroGaui - Fligttech Italia - Scorpion
Stefano Cattaneo Picture of Stefano Cattaneo Michele CiancioCompass ATom 6HV/7HVCompass Spektrum DX7Hobby Queen Italia
Graziano Di Fonzo Picture of Graziano Di Fonzo Giuseppe RobertoneCompass Atom 6HVCompass Spektrum DX7
Israel Antonio Gomez Rosado Picture of Israel Antonio Gomez Rosado Angel Guillermo Gomez RosadoAlign T-rex 550Align BL600MFutaba T10CP
Sebastian Duus Picture of Sebastian Duus Bendt DuusMikado Logo 600Scorpion 4035-560 Mikado - Head RC - Edge

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