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3DX Asia Pacific 2015 Report in RotorWorld, reproduced by kind permission of the Editor

3DX Asia Pacific 2014 Report in RotorWorld, reproduced by kind permission of the Editor

H-M Failure - November 2014

3D Masters was the pioneering 3D Helicopter World Event for more than a decade with supporting 3DX events on many continents.
H-M tried to recreate all of these aspects but has now retreated to its humble origins; a single German event in the south of Germany
In the meanwhile 3DX has firmly held its ground with huge enthusiasm and support within the 3D community.
3D Masters and 3DX was created as, and has always been, a platform for the pilots.
Without prejudice or sponsor favoritism the Best of the Best pilots could compete in front of an unbiased jury, giving everyone the same fair chance.
We hope now that 3D competition will regain its integrity and be a platform for its rightful owners; the Pilots

3DX Australia results:


  1. Jason de Freitas
  2. Mingfan Duang
  3. Quang Le


  1. Jack Milsom
  2. Kyle Orrock
  3. Nico Georgallis

Congratulations to all

3DX Australia takes place this weekend 16-18 November.

We wish Organiser Hunter, all Helpers, Contestants and Sponsors a great weekend

3DX Asia-Pacific results:

Sportsman Class

1) 1) DingYang Meng
2) SiHao Qiu
3) ChunRi Hao
4) ZhiLiang Ye
5) Yang Chen

Expert Class

  1. Kan Poonnoi
  2. Rachata Luangsathit
  3. Hao Lu
  4. Alvin Chai
  5. Wichard Ridbamrung

International Class

  1. Ofek Katzav
  2.  JaeHong Lee
  3. Yuzhe Xiao
  4. Korawich Thongsri
  5. Bhumipatara Uditanandra (Poom)
Well done to all

3DX Asia-Pacific will take place next week 30 October to 2nd November 2014 - we look forward to seeing you there, and Good Luck to all Entrants

4 NEW Set Manoeuvres: Typhoon, Reversing Sidewinder, Crown and Timewarp

3DX Events in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus 2014

Dmitry has advised us of the following events:

Helinext Cup of Europe F3C, F3N, F3/5, Burgas, August 15-17, 2014 (Bulgaria)
3DX Belarus, Minsk, September 2014 (Belarus)

Well done Dmitry, a fantastic effort

3DX Updates

3DX Asia Pacific Video - sponsored by KDS

3DX Australia Dates Announced

Following an extremely successful inaugral event in 2013, Hunter has announced March 15, 16 as the dates for 3DX Australia 2014. Host Club will once again be Hawkesbury Model Airsports at their fantastic Bandon Road site.

Please be sure to support these guys, who are bringing Red Hot 3D to Australia. See you there.

3DX Asia-Pacific took place on the weekend 8, 9 10 November 2013. Results:

Sportsman Class

  1. Baicheng He
  2. Yongyiang Chen
  3. Pengyuang Chen
  4. Adrian Adnan
  5. Yu Wang

Expert Class

  1. Ofek Katzav
  2. Sakkarin
  3. Yuzhe Xiao
  4. Kan Poonnoi
  5. Wicharid Ridbamrung

International Class

  1. Kyle Dahl
  2. Alon Barak
  3. Jonathan Bossion
  4. Daniel Katzav
  5. Dunkan Bossion

Thanks to:

Judges Kevin Targett, Walter Robijns and Stephen Chen.

Commentators Chance Hsu and Timmy Croft, Scorer Hunter Wang.

Organiser Charlie Song

3DX Russia report here

3DX Belarus 2013 will take place on October 5th at Boravaya Airfield, Minsk
We wish Organiser Vadzim Lukiashka and all competitors Good Luck

3DX Asia-Pacific will take place November 8-10 at Ocean Springs Resort, ZhuHai

3DX Iran and 3DX Russia were great successes

The RotorWorld 3DX Australia Report - here

The Model Helicopter World report for 3DX China 2012 is now available:

The RotorWorld report for 3DX China 2012 is now available: