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3DX Ukraine

Location Kiev, Ukraine
Date July 15-18 2011
Organiser Dmitry Derigin
Scope 12 pilots of high and medium level - at 3DX rules, 7 pilots of low level - at simple 3D-Light rules

3DX Ukraine
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 The competition 3DX Ukraine Kiev Heli Show successfully held Jule
16-17, 2011. In conquest took part 17 pilots from Ukraine and Russia.

After flights of 2 rounds of set-maneuvres and 1 round of freestyle
was won:
1st place - Dmitry Meluhanov, St Pitersburg, Russia. Models: Align
Trex 700N - Edge - YS91 - Tornado Fuel; Henseleit TDR - Edge -
Scorpion 4530 - Kontronik Jive - Giant Power 4200-50C
2nd place - Anton Berezhnoy, Chernigov, Ukraine.
Models: Compass Atom 6HV - Rotortech - Compass 5026 - Markus 80HV -
Giant Power 2600-50C; X-Cell Furion 6 - Rotortech - Scorpion 4035 -
Markus 120HV - Giant Power 3300-50C
3rd place - Yaroslav Lubimov, St Pitersburg, Russia. Models: Kasama
Srimok 90E - Rotortech - Scorpion 4525 - Kontronnik Jive - Giant Power

Thanks to all pilots, judges, helpers and, of course, our sponsors!




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